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Lot Clearing Evansville IN

Whether you need multiple trees and stumps removed or an entire log cleared for a construction project, EVV Tree Service has comprehensive, affordable lot clearing services in Evansville and the surrounding areas. For many lot and land clearing projects, time is of the essence to keep contractors on schedule. At EVV Tree Service, we offer rapid response times and exceptional customer service, so you always know where you stand.

Our team of arborists works with property owners and project managers to select the trees that will remain on the land and which ones will need to be removed. Professional lot cleaning services at EVV Tree Service are performed by crews of efficient and trustworthy technicians that take great pride in removing all traces of trees, stumps, and related debris from your property.

What Is Involved in the Lot Clearing Process?

The comprehensive lot clearing services from the team of professional arborists at EVV Tree Service provides effective solutions for new construction, renovations, or lawn expansion projects. Our hard-working crew will remove trees and clear shrubs from your plot of land.

The process of land clearing involves:

Ongoing lot clearing using tractors

Preparing the Site

The site will need to undergo preparations to clear the space safely and effectively. Our team will take the time to inspect all affected areas and create a plan to deal with the size and shape, the soil, and any nearby structures. 

ongoing removal of stump using stump grinder

Stump Removal and Grinding

Experienced tree care professionals will either grind down any stumps to ground level or detach the roots and remove them altogether. Stump removal is done carefully and selectively to avoid damaging pipes, gas lines, and any underground wires running through the property.

All trees after the Lot clearing process

Tree Removal

Our crew will work with you to determine if any trees will need to be removed and which can remain on the site. EVV Tree Service specializes in professional tree removal without interfering with other trees or structures. Technicians will completely clean and clear the area after removing the tree.

pile of trees removed after a land clearing in Evansville IN

Right-of-Way Clearance

We will create a path for project vehicles and equipment to get around the construction site by clearing and pruning vegetation growth. Utility lines, gas pipelines, and cables will also be freed of leaves, branches, and bushes. 

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EVV Tree Service is an insured and bonded full-service tree care company in Evansville, IN. A team of experienced, certified tree care specialists performs a wide range of arborist services, including land and lot clearing for upcoming construction projects. To learn more, contact EVV Tree Service and get started today. 

Land Clearing Evansville

Evansville land clearing specialists at EVV Tree Service use powerful machinery and modern methods for lot clearing without damaging the land or nearby structures. We will present you with a clean slate that affords the freedom to develop and build without the hassle of dealing with existing trees, stumps, or other debris.


Experienced tree care experts use a backhoe service to ensure there are no shallow roots left behind that will impede your construction project. With decades of combined land clearing experience, EVV Tree Service can remove the heaviest and most challenging items that are most difficult to move.

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