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Tree Cabling And Bracing Evansville IN

How Does Tree Cabling and Bracing Work?

Trees with weak or exceptionally steep branch unions are prone to tearing and splitting. Heaving and overhanging limbs pose risks to nearby life and property if they break off and fall. The certified team or certified arborists at EVV Tree Service can stabilize and protect your most vulnerable trees using modern cabling and bracing techniques.

Talented tree care professionals from EVV Tree Service install a series of cables wrapping them around weakened or overhanging limbs or bolting them to the branch or trunk. The cabling and bracing process are designed to redistribute the weight of branch unions to support weakened limbs. Cables are installed with enough room for the tree to move organically with accompanying wind patterns.

What Are The Signs Trees Needs Cabling and Bracing Services?

There are usually some obvious signs that a tree needs cabling and bracing services from the industry specialists at EVV Tree Service. From overextended limbs and split trunks to V-shaped stems, talented tree care professionals can protect your most valuable trees from breaking and splitting. 

Arborist setting up tree cables in Evansville IN

Overextended Limbs

Large, heavy branches apply pressure to the trunk and are likely to break off at some point. Falling branches can cause severe damage to property and personal injuries to passersby. Limbs that grow overextended are vulnerable to high winds, ice, and snow accumulation during the harsh Evansville, Indiana winters. Cabling redistributes the weight of the trunk to support heavier branches. 

ongoing rodding in a tree in Evansville IN

Split Trees

Trees with narrowed angels of branch attachments can develop splits in the trunk due to built-up pressure or storm damage. Weak and split sections on branches, the crotches, or the trunk will need bracing to prevent further damage and hazards to the tree. Bracing affected areas will serve to hold splitting and weak areas and protect them from extreme weather conditions.

Ongoing tree bracing and cabling

V-Shaped Stems

When two large stems come out of the same trunk, it creates a V-shaped stem that will eventually result in structural failure, with one of the sides breaking off. These split stems do not contain enough connective tissues to keep them intact and together. One of the branches can safely be removed from younger trees, while older trees will likely need cabling and bracing. 

EVV Tree Service For Tree Cabling and Bracing Services

Do your trees have weakened or heavy limbs that would benefit from Evansville’s tree care experts’ professional cabling and bracing services? Contact EVV Tree Service today for complete information and to schedule a free estimate.

Protecting Trees From Snow and Ice

Winters in southwest Indiana can be brutal. Storms can dump large amounts of snow and ice in a short amount of time, putting your trees in danger. Trees that have not been adequately prepared can lose large branches and other sections of the tree to high winds and the weight of a typical Evansville, IN snowfall. Bracing and cabling your most vulnerable trees will protect them from branch breakage and ice damage throughout the winter months.

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