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Stump Removal Evansville, IN

A tree stump on your residential or commercial lawn may seem like a harmless dot on the lawn. However, a stump can pose hazardous conditions and present an unappealing look. EVV Tree Service performs professional tree stump removal services using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest industry techniques and guidelines.

Whether you want a tree stump wholly removed or use our stump grinding services to grind it down to ground level, EVV Tree Services offer safe, complete, and affordable stump removal services in Evansville, IN, and the surrounding communities. 

Why Use Professional Tree Stump Services?

At EVV Tree Service, an impressive team of tree care experts has years of experience and formal training to remove stumps most safely and efficiently. Attempting to remove a stump on your own can be dangerous to others and cause serious harm to the soil and surrounding landscape.

Reasons to use the expert tree care services from EVV Tree Service for stump removal jobs include:

Arborist using chainsaw to remove stump

Prevent Pest Infestation

The deadwood that makes up a tree stump serves as an ideal home for termites, ants, and other pests. Leaving a stump unattended will attract insects that can put nearby trees and other plants in jeopardy.

ongoing removal of stump using stump grinder

Inhibit Fungal Growth

Tree stumps also create conditions for the growth of fungus and other potentially harmful organics. Stump fungus can quickly spread to nearby vegetation.

newly cut tree ready for stump removal

Improved Aesthetics

A tree stump sitting in the middle of your lawn is an eyesore that disrupts the space’s design and character. Though some people make practical use of tree stumps as garden bed features, most home and business owners look at them as eyesores and would rather get rid of them. Grinding or removing stumps allows you to place sod or other foliage over the space to smooth out the area and make it look natural, as if the stump were never there.

Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting

Improve Safety

Stumps can be hard to see and increase people’s chances of tripping over them or running into them while mowing the lawn. Growth around the stump over time will make it increasingly hard to see, posing an increased danger to anyone that comes in contact with it.

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If you have a tree stump in the middle of your lawn, the tree care experts at EVV Tree Service have the training and experience to remove it safely and thoroughly from your residential or commercial property in or around Evansville, Indiana. To learn more or for a free quote on your stump and tree removal services, contact EVV Tree Service and get started today.

Stump Grinding Evansville

There are times when complete removal of a stump is not necessary or the best course of action. EVV Tree Service can perform stump grinding services that lower the stump to below ground level instead of creating a large hole by completely removing it. Our trained technicians will inspect and evaluate your specific circumstances and help you make the right choice to remove your stump. 

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