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Tree Removal Evansville IN

Trees add tremendous beauty, character, and value to your home. However, there are times when damage, disease, or aesthetics will necessitate the need for professional tree removal services on residential and commercial properties in Evansville, IN. At EVV Tree Service, we have been performing professional tree removal for many years, offering reliable, affordable services for all kinds of tree and stump removal services.
Our team of trained and experienced tree care experts uses state-of-the-art industrial-grade equipment and the latest techniques to safely remove trees, stumps, and related debris from your property. EVV Tree Service technicians take great pride in providing rapid response times and comprehensive tree removal services without damaging surrounding landscape or structures.

Benefits of Evansville Tree Removal Services from
EVV Tree Service

Tree removal is a labor-intensive, time-consuming activity best left to the certified tree care professionals at EVV Tree Service. Benefits to our wide-ranging tree removal services include: 

Ongoing grinding of stump after tree cutting

Save Time, Money

Our team uses proven tree removal techniques that take a fraction of the time it would take you to perform a DIY removal. Leaving dead trees unattended on your property can lead to additional property or landscape problems that will cost a lot more than removing one tree. 

Emergency tree removal of a broken tree branches

Industrial Equipment

We use only the highest-quality industrial equipment, machinery, and safety gear to professionally remove dead, dying, or unwanted trees from your residential or commercial property. Our technicians undergo regular training on all of our advanced tree removal equipment. 

Workers loading cut trees after emergency services

Expert Tree Care Professionals

EVV Tree Service is fully bonded and insured, and all of our tree care specialists are formally certified in professional tree care and removal. We bring years of experience and successful jobs to help solve your specific problems and needs. We are a locally-owned business that takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work. 

Arborist cutting a tree branches

Avoid Accidents, Injuries

Dead trees left on your lawn can pose severe dangers to anyone that comes onto your property. Unstable branches and other areas of a fallen tree may seem safe, especially to kids that may come upon it. You can also risk injury by removing a dead tree without the assistance of a tree care professional. 

Tree removal for a lot clearing in Evansville IN


Not all tree removal services are performed because a tree is dead or dying. If you are looking to change your landscape design or expand your view, EVV Tree Service can safely remove trees of any size for any reason. 

Professional Evansville Tree Removal

As a locally owned and operated tree care company in Evansville, Indiana, we are dedicated to working with you to determine the best solutions for your tree issues or problems. Tree care experts will inspect and evaluate your specific circumstances to help you make the right decisions to treat, trim, or remove your tree.

If the best course of action is to remove the tree, we will use the safest methods and practices to reduce the inherent risks of the process. EVV Tree Service is a respected tree removal company that removes dead, dying trees or poses potential hazards to others. Whatever the reason for the removal, our tree care experts can remove trees of any size and under the most challenging situations. 

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Safe, Affordable Tree Removal From EVV Tree Service

Leaving dead trees on your property can pose dangerous risks and can be a serious liability. As a home or business owner, you are responsible for removing any dead trees on your land before someone gets hurt and you are hit with a lawsuit.

EVV Tree Service technicians are highly trained and experienced at diagnosing trees that are dead, diseased, or have a chance at surviving and thriving. We will assess the situation and the tree’s positioning and determine the best way to extract the tree without damaging the adjacent lawn and any nearby structures.

Stump Removal Evansville

Whether we are the ones to remove the tree or not, our tree care experts can grind down or completely remove the stump left from a fallen or removed tree. At EVV Tree Service, we use high-grade equipment and machinery to grind down stumps to ground level or cut the roots and remove the stump. 

Many customers have stump removal services performed immediately after tree removal. You can save money on the stump removal when we grind it in conjunction with the tree removal service.

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