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Newly added brace in trees
Worker using chainsaw to remove tree stump in Evansville In
pile of trees removed after a land clearing in Evansville IN

EVV Tree Service is a professional tree care company servicing Evansville, IN, and the surrounding communities. We feature an impressive team of tree experts providing a wide range of services dedicated to improving the trees’ appearance, health, and safety on residential and commercial properties in the Evansville area.

The presence of trees on residential or commercial properties adds natural beauty, provides shade, and increases the property’s overall value. From professional trimming and pruning to removing stumps or entire trees and 24-hour emergency tree services, EVV Tree Service provides premium quality services at affordable rates.

Tree care and trimming specialists at EVV Tree Service use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best while keeping walkways and landings clear. Regular trimming and pruning by trained tree care professionals not only keep trees looking fresh and healthy but will also bring to light any issues or problems that need extra attention, like rotting, disease, or abnormal growth.

Arborist using a chainsaw in cutting tree branches
Pile of trees after land clearing in a forest

Those beautiful trees on your property can also be vulnerable to disease, infestation, and the next major Midwest storm that rolls through southwest Indiana. If you need a tree removed for any reason, EVV Tree Service will safely and efficiently extract the entire tree and remove it from your property.

A tree stump can make mowing the lawn challenging and attract pest infestations. Tree care specialists at EVV Tree Service will evaluate your stump and recommend the best way to remove it and protect the surrounding landscape. We will either grind down the stump below ground level and cover it over with topsoil or cut off the root system and remove the stump entirely.

ongoing removal of stump using stump grinder in Evansville IN
Ongoing lot clearing using tractors

EVV Tree Service uses industrial-grade machinery equipment to safely remove brush and trees for construction or other applications. We can also haul away large items like appliances and discarded garden equipment.

Midwest storms can bring heavy winds and large volumes of rain and snow in a short period. Extreme weather conditions can cause large branches or enter trees to tumble onto power lines, vehicles, and streets. Downed branches or fallen trees can pose serious hazards to your home and family. At EVV Tree Service, we provide rapid response times for emergency services any time of the day or night that you need us.

Emergency tree removal of a broken tree branches

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Trees add beauty and value to your property. They can also be vulnerable to disease, infestation, and extreme weather conditions in southwest Indiana. At EVV Tree Service, certified arborists work to keep your trees vibrant and healthy. We offer expert advice on the best course of action for dead, dying, and fallen trees.

If you need expert tree care service to maintain the look and health of the trees on your residential or commercial property in Evansville and the surrounding communities, EVV Tree Service is the arborist professionals to handle the job. Talented, experienced tree care experts will inspect the property, evaluate your issues, and make well-informed recommendations. We provide free estimates for tree and stump removal and all of our expert tree care services. Contact EVV Tree Service and get started today.
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