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Evansville Tree Care provided an excellent experience. We had to remove our Sweet Cherry tree which was dying, and the process went smoothly. The crew was efficient, careful and cleaned up well. The stump grinding was also done on time and professionally. I would use their services again and recommend them.

Max Ashmore

Their crew pruned all my trees in the front and back yard and did an excellent job. The trees now look healthier and more light is reaching the yard for better growth of flowers and garden. The cleanup was also satisfactory.

Reckelly Lemmayian

The tree removal service was good and affordable, but I had an issue with the wood chips. I requested to keep my own chips, but ended up with too many unwanted ones. However, they compensated me with a discount and were accommodating in resolving the issue. Overall, the crew was impressive. I highly recommend them with zero hesitation.

Benito Floyd

Two trees removed, including a large incense cedar, and one heavily pruned. Crew was easy to work with, careful, considerate and very communicative. Highly pleased with their work.

Louis Ruff

Their tree care service is unbeatable. I've hired them multiple times and they are highly knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. My trees are thriving under their care and I am extremely satisfied with their service.

Joanne Dowd

They took down a 60-foot, 5-trunk tree in my yard that was causing damage to my neighbor's foundation. Their crew was efficient and polite and they even cut the wood how I asked. Two days later, another professional ground the stump. Great tree removal company!

Michael Burns

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Trees add beauty and value to your property. They can also be vulnerable to disease, infestation, and extreme weather conditions in southwest Indiana. At EVV Tree Service, certified arborists work to keep your trees vibrant and healthy. We offer expert advice on the best course of action for dead, dying, and fallen trees.

If you need expert tree care service to maintain the look and health of the trees on your residential or commercial property in Evansville and the surrounding communities, EVV Tree Service is the arborist professionals to handle the job. Talented, experienced tree care experts will inspect the property, evaluate your issues, and make well-informed recommendations. We provide free estimates for tree and stump removal and all of our expert tree care services. Contact EVV Tree Service and get started today.
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